How To Make Money For 13 Year Olds In 2023

Make Money for 13 Year Olds

Make Money for 13 Year Olds Wanting to make money as a teenager? Or are you a parent looking to teach your child about financial responsibility? You may think producing money at a young age is tough owing to laws and alternatives, but that’s not true. We’ve compiled a list of imaginative ways 13-year-olds can generate money to save you time.
If you’re 13 and earning money, make sure a parent or guardian agrees!

How can 13-year-olds make money?

Online time is as common as non-virtual time, which is great since a 13-year-old can make money online. Examples include:

1. Post content online

a. TikTok

TikTok’s user-friendly algorithm is its finest feature compared to YouTube and Instagram. As long as you publish videos regularly, your TikTok is likely to develop, either steadily or via virality. You may publish dancing, singing, and everyday vlogs to TikTok’s various communities. TikTok gives users 2-4 cents per 1,000 views ( With enough photos and videos, a 13-year-old may earn a respectable passive income.

b. YouTube

YouTube has numerous lively communities like TikTok. Successful young YouTubers like Ryan Kaji or Anastasia Radzinskaya are valued between $18.5 million and $29.5 million. Earnings from videos, sponsors, and product ads.

2. Start a blog

Start a blog

If a 13-year-old isn’t comfortable being on camera, blogging might be a lucrative option. It’s easy to put up a website using online guidelines. Most influencers have become billionaires via blogging, therefore this may be a cash cow. Sign up for a blog hosting site, such as WordPress.

3. Do surveys

Surveys are simple and free ways to make money while helping others. You may redeem survey points for free things from Amazon and Target. You may create your own survey site to be paid to answer questions about goods and services.

4. Play games

Some sites pay you to play Farmville or Angry Birds, so you may earn money without spending it. You must determine whether playing games for money is worth your time.

5. Surf the web

Web surfing isn’t only pleasant; it’s also profitable. Most websites offer affiliate programmes that provide cash if you join up using your link. Click on


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their link and be paid automatically every month once they’ve made their cut.

6. Get involved in a local small business

After the epidemic and lockdowns, individuals were creative with their leisure time, acquiring new talents and occasionally beginning a “side hustle” or small company. 13-year-olds have several chances to identify a start-up that needs help. This may include paperwork or errands.

7. Get creative!

So, 13-year-olds may develop their creative and business talents. Their innovations may help them generate money.

  • Seasonal Gifts

With Christmas and Thanksgiving approaching, bake some cupcakes! During the holidays, everyone enjoys handmade baked treats.

  • Occasional Cards

Rather than baking, design holiday cards on Canva. They’re bulk-saleable.

  • Make Printables

Create printables to earn money on Canva. Habit trackers and calendars are examples.

  • Sell Tour Creations Online

Locally? Internet helps here. Etsy is a great online marketplace. Etsy offers a market for almost everything you can make. Etsy is popular around the holidays for unusual gifts. Someone will purchase anything you make.

8. Do a paper route

Newspaper delivering has been a traditional employment for decades, making it a nice way to make some money. You or your 13-year-old may contact the local newspaper office for opportunities, but this job requires dedication. Every morning, newspapers must be delivered.

9. Care for pets

a. Dog walker.

This is an excellent idea if your kid has been begging for a pet since it prepares them for the responsibility. It’s also simple to locate dog-walkers, so this is a no-brainer.

b. Pet sitter.

People travelling on vacation frequently require fish, hamsters, cats, dogs, and other pets cared for.

10. Host a yard sale

Yard sales are a fun opportunity for kids to assist with housework. Have your 13-year-old look through their belongings and donate toys, books, outgrown clothing, etc. Hold a yard sale for neighbours to make additional cash and declutter your property.

11. Photography

Picture-perfect? Even with a smartphone, a 13-year-old can earn money by snapping images. You may sell photographs on Etsy or royalty-free images on Shutterstock.

12. Lemonade stand

Set up a lemonade stand in your front yard or a busy parking lot. Just lemonade mix and water. On cooler days, substitute hot chocolate for the lemonade mix.

13. Babysitting

If you have neighbours or friends with children that require a few hours of supervision, 13-year-olds may earn a substantial amount of money in this manner.

14. Landscaping

Mowing and watering lawns or lending a hand with more intensive gardening tasks are other wonderful ways to cultivate a 13-year-interest old’s in

plants and provide them with financial independence. They may earn a few extra bucks by agreeing to rake leaves or shovel snow as the seasons change.

15. Wash cars with your friends

If your 13-year-old has friends of the same age who also want to earn money, a car wash may be a viable option. Parents may provide their children with buckets, sponges, and soap, which will result in a fun fundraising activity.

16. Do chores around the house

If you or your 13-year-old are uncomfortable seeking money online or from others, become their employer instead. Place a monetary value on chores such as vacuuming, doing the laundry, and cleaning the dishes.

17. Become an errand-runner

13-year-olds may volunteer their skills by running errands if they reside in a neighbourhood with elderly or busy residents. People may rely on them to, for example, conduct their grocery shopping or pick up their dry-cleaning.

How much can teenagers earn?

When it comes to the amount of money 13-year-olds may earn, the amount can range from minimum wage to hundreds of thousands of dollars if they become social media stars. It demonstrates them the world is their oyster, and with the appropriate combination of hard effort and inventiveness, kids may earn enough to cover their various expenses or begin a savings account for future investments!

Last thoughts…

Some individuals may believe that teens of this age cannot discover methods to earn money. Nonetheless, this list demonstrates that 13-year-olds have sufficient options to make their own money, acquire experience and responsibility, and explore potential passions with a little of creative thinking, as well as the permission and support of their parents and guardians.

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