What Is The Allstate’s Hilarious Mayhem Ads Ranked?

The Allstate’s Hilarious Mayhem Ads Ranked

The Allstate’s Hilarious Mayhem Ads Ranked Here are 20 funny Allstate commercials with Dean Winters as Mayhem ruining someone’s day. Let us know what he thinks in the comments.

1 – Mayhem is your cat

This is the ideal Mayhem advertisement. Numerous amazing and relevant events followed by humorous lines. The phrase “billion years of tiger DNA” still makes us laugh out loud and examine our pets with suspicion.

From Mayhem spraying feathers in your face when you push the sail, every joke is hilarious. In this ad, Dean Winters delivered an outstanding performance.

2 – Mayhem is a car thief

Simple yet unexpected. This is a personal favourite that showcases Winters’ exceptional comedic performance. It’s hilarious how Mayhem continues repeating “What?” to the car’s owner in various voices.

3 – Mayhem is a lot of wind

I adore commercials that depict a person enjoying their day while monitoring their home surveillance cameras to see Mayhem destroying their possessions.

If you live in a windy area (like I do), you’ve probably heard terrifying tales of parasols leaping over garden gates. Additionally, the advertisement emphasises that even with advanced home security cameras, Mayhem can still attack.

4 – Mayhem is the forbidden apple

This spectacular Super Bowl commercial for Mayhem surely made a splash. Although it is not the most humorous of the commercials, its breadth and editing are astounding.

It is possible that this is the most budget Allstate has ever allocated to a salesperson.

Mayhem delivering referee cards to a group of obviously incompetent and repulsive individuals is priceless.

5 – Mayhem is a teenager

Mayhem’s announcement that she is a teenager while driving a pink SUV makes me chuckle for some reason.

She says it with such sincerity that you can envision him rushing away to cause more havoc for her BFF.

A bonus is awarded for the dazzling phone. Like, oh my god.

6 – Mayhem is a cleaning lady

Amazing images of Mayhem barely attempting to clean the house. Break the china, rip the drapes, and then consume the fish. This commercial contains a rapid succession of excellent concepts.

I cringed as he fell down the stairs at the conclusion, but I loved the expression on his face as he gently rocked back.

7 – Mayhem is a Saint Bernard with Tina Fey

Tina Fey deserves praise for her performance in these two Drivewise advertisements, in which Mayhem finally meets her equal.

These commercials rely on the comedic team of Fey and Winters to make us laugh, as there is not a great deal of damage in them.

7.5 – Mayhem is your mother in law ft. Tina Fey

Mayhem attempts to distract Tina Fey as her mother-in-law by applying cosmetics.

The second of Drivewise’s new advertisements depends on creative, relevant gags to make viewers chuckle. This feels like something from 30 Rock; did Tina contribute to its writing?

8 – Mayhem is a little boy

I like to assume that actor Dean Winters is enjoying himself tremendously while filming these advertisements. It appears that he’s having a good time.

This advertisement’s brilliance lies in its simplicity.

He does not need to say anything other than “mother” repeatedly. You are able to fill in the blanks because you are aware of what is about to occur.

9 – Mayhem is an orthodontist (bad DIY)

A short and simple commercial that successfully switches between funny and embarrassing. It makes you wonder how good you are at DIY.

The most fun part of this commercial is listening to the saw still running inside the house and imagining the chaos it is creating.

10 – Mayhem is a follower

This advertisement is extremely relevant! I’ve spent too much time giggling at follows in the rearview mirror, resulting in the odd narrow escape.

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This is an ideal opportunity to emphasise Mayhem’s eerie laugh at the conclusion of advertisements and enjoyable music. What a clever way to play with them!

11 – Mayhem is a valet

The inexpensive parking deal offered by Mayhem produces absolute chaos on game day. It appears that setting it up would have been enjoyable. I enjoy seeing all the out-of-focus background antics. It’s amusing to observe him wreck the day of more than one individual.

10 – Mayhem is your GPS

It’s wonderful to see Mayhem casually directing the driver from the dashboard. The timing of her small smile to the camera prior to her scream is impeccable.

11 – Mayhem is anyone with a case of dropsy

In 2018, Mayhem chose to target everyone suffering from dropsy and provided us with a range of palm-fist football moments.

It would be humiliating if someone opened the door of a porta-potty to beg you for his phone; I hope it has never happened to anyone.

Dean Winters’s defining moment is depicted again by the tilt of his head as he drops the BBQ match.

12 – Mayhem is your blind spot

Allstate boosted the budget for this commercial that appears to be a short action film. It’s fascinating to observe Mayhem’s face in slow motion as the car swirls around.

13 – Mayhem is hail the size of a golf ball

There is little need for anxiety about hail where we reside, but the commercial earns marks for appearing to have been shot in Antelope Valley. Additionally, are those Santa hats on sticks gold?

Allstate enjoyed making this brief announcement.

14 – Mayhem is your overconfident dog walker

Another Allstate advertisement depicting a person checking through their cameras and discovering chaos at home. Mayhem falls and hurts his head, releasing all of his dogs onto the grass, eliciting laughter.

15 – Mayhem is a raccoon

A classic Mayhem slapstick featuring multiple takes of him destroying your home. Dean Winters enjoys himself more when he impersonates an animal. This irrational raccoon is among the greatest.

16 – Mayhem is the kid in 5B

I’m not sure if this was enjoyable to create, but it sure is entertaining to view. As a parent, I can easily imagine something similar occurring when I am not looking.

17 – Mayhem is your watchdog

My family frequently laughs about how simple it would be to bribe my dog if we were ever robbed. This advertisement makes full advantage of it.

It gets one more laugh (and a nice point) when Mayhem’s shock collar activates as robbers steal your possessions.

18 – Mayhem is an aspiring beauty blogger

Mayhem attempts to get along with the boys by impersonating an ambitious beauty blogger and setting a hair straightener fire.

The combination of the white streaks under her eyes and the cut over her eye is so amusing. Her appearance may have used a little more work, but her lines are excellent.

19 – Mayhem is a filthy rich executive

The fact that Mayhem is explaining the narrative to the camera makes me think of a caper film. This advertisement is effectively concluded by his whispered remark concerning the executive’s profession.

This is one of the most intricate advertisements I’ve ever seen, yet I can’t help but grimace at the dreadful circumstance this young man has just found himself in.

20 – Mayhem is a good runner

Mayhem trots through the street while wearing a pink headpiece and weights. A driver crashes after becoming distracted by his “headband.”

This motorist likely received what he deserved. The smile of Mayhem as the driver passes is priceless.

Did we miss any?

Were any of your favourites omitted? Don’t forget to share! Leave a link in the comments.



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