Old Navy Credit Card: Are the Benefits Worth It?

Old Navy Credit Card

The Old Navy Credit Card: Are the Benefits Worth It? Old Navy offers attractive, affordable apparel for the whole family. To reward loyal customers, Old Navy offers the Old Navy Card and the Old Navy Visa Card (as well as the Navyist program). Why should you use these cards? Or, do the downsides make you investigate other options? We’ll cover Old Navy’s credit cards, so you can decide if you want one.

Overview | Old Navy Credit Cards

Apply in-store or online. Creditworthiness determines whether approval is instant or takes 7–10 days. Once accepted, you can choose between two Old Navy credit cards (provided by Synchrony Bank):

  • Old Navy Credit Card
  • Old Navy Visa Credit Card

When you achieve specific prerequisites, you can get Navyist status cards (see below). First, Old Navy’s basic credit cards

The Old Navy Credit Card

The Old Navy Credit Card is a store-branded credit card that may be used in Old Navy stores and online (as well as Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and more). It’s more flexible than store-branded cards.

Old Navy Credit Card Perks:

  • Old Navy and Gap Family Brands: 5x points per dollar.
  • First-time customers save 20%.
  • Bonus Point Shopping Days, Promotions, Discounts.
  • 60% Discount Pass

The Old Navy Visa Card

The Old Navy Visa is an upgrade from the standard card. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Old Navy Visa cards get the same perks as above, plus:

  • 1 point per Visa dollar spent.

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  • Visa cardholder specials.

Old Navy Navyist Card and Old Navy Navyist Visa Card

Old Navy’s status program boosts the prior 2 credit cards’ rewards schemes. Navyist status is earned by:

  • 5,000 points in a year (excluding bonus points and returns).
  • After reaching 5,000 points, pay the minimum by the due date.
  • Good standing with Old Navy.

90 to 120 days after meeting the standards, you’ll be a Navyist. To remain a Navyist, you must requalify each year.

The Navyist Card

Once you’re a Navyist, you get the same Old Navy Rewards Card perks plus:

  • Old Navy and Gap family brand purchases receive 3–5 day free shipping.
  • 20% bonus Quarterly Free Banana Republic Basic Alterations.
  • Navyist cardholder hotline.

Even with these added bonuses, the Navyist Card can only be used in Old Navy and Gap family stores.

The Navyist Visa Card

Old Navy Navy Visa cards are enhanced Old Navy Visa cards. Visa can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. This card has all of the Old Navy Navyist Card’s rewards plus Visa-specific rewards.

  • 1 point per Visa dollar spent.
  • Visa cardholder specials.

Rewards Program

The Old Navy reward program lets you use points from Old Navy and Gap Family Brands to save money. 100 points usually equal $1 toward reward tiers. There are certain limitations, though.

  • First, earning points is unlimited. A billing cycle’s maximum incentive is $250.
  • Less than 500 points are allocated to the next payment month. If you score 2,800 points, you’ll get $25 and 300 points will roll over to the next payment month.
  • Each award has an expiration date, so make purchases within the window.
  • 3 rewards can be redeemed in-store, 5 online (or orders made over the phone).
  • One promotional offer can be coupled with rewards.
  • Sale goods qualify for rewards.
  • After redeeming rewards, you must pay with an Old Navy or Gap credit card.

Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy Visa Card

Old Navy Navyist Credit Card

Old Navy Navyist Visa Card

Cash Back BenefitsEarn 5x points per dollar spent at Old Navy (& Gap Family Brands)

20% off first purchase

Earn 5x points per dollar spent at Old Navy (& Gap Family Brands)

20% off first purchase

1x point per dollar spent anywhere Visa is accepted

Earn 5x points per dollar spent at Old Navy (& Gap Family Brands)

20% off first purchase

20% Bonus Points each Quarter

Earn 5x points per dollar spent at Old Navy (& Gap Family Brands)

20% off first purchase

1x point per dollar spent anywhere Visa is accepted

20% Bonus Points each Quarter

annual fee$0$0$0$0
Average FICO Score to Qualify580 and above620 and above580 and above620 and above

The Drawbacks of Old Navy Credit Cards

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of Old Navy and Navyist credit cards, let’s discuss the downsides.

  • First, your earned credits can only be utilised at Old Navy locations and the Gap family of businesses (including online equivalents).
  • Second, these cards are only beneficial for responsible cardholders who don’t carry a balance. Old Navy credit cards shouldn’t be used for expenditures beyond your means.
  • Old Navy’s credit cards have a 3% international transaction fee, unlike many non-store-branded cards. Old Navy Visa cards are expensive if you need to use them outside of stores.

How Old Navy’s Credit Card Compare to Alternative Programs

Before applying for one of Old Navy’s credit cards, you might want to look into all-purpose cards that offer rewards and flexible spending. Three suggestions:

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Chase Freedom Unlimited provides many useful benefits. This card’s introductory bonus is $200 after spending $500 in the first three months. All purchases get 1.5% cashback. This card makes it easy to earn points, and Chase Ultimate Rewards trip redemption boosts cash back by 25%.

Ultimate points can be transferred to airline and hotel partners at a value of 1.1. The current promotional offer gives purchases and balance transfers 0% interest for 15 months from account opening, after which variable APR rates of 14.99%–23.74% apply.

Zero liability, fraud protection, and fraud alerts help prevent unwanted transactions. The card covers damage, theft, and warranty for 120 days. Good to great credit helps with card approval.

Capital One® Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

New applicants receive $300 with the Capital One® Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card. Spend $3,000 in the first three months of account opening to qualify. Savor’s cash back in various categories is appealing.

Dining and entertainment receive 4% cash back. 2% cash back at grocery stores, 1% elsewhere. Book concert and athletic event tickets with Vivid Seats and earn 8% cash back through May 2020.

Savor cardholders can earn a statement credit on Postmates subscription fees through December 2019.

The first-year fee waiver is a bonus; the second-year fee is $95.

This card is useful abroad because it has no foreign transaction cost. Savor provides you 120 days to request a refund if an item’s price drops.

This MasterCard offers travel insurance, an extended warranty, and concierge service. This card requires decent credit.

Capital One® QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

People with fair credit can use the Capital One® Quicksilver One Cash Rewards Credit Card to improve their credit while getting rewards. This card gives 1.5% cash back. $39 annual cost; no bonus points or APR

After five on-time payments, you can increase your credit limit. You also get access to CreditWise so you can keep an eye on your credit score, and there are no foreign transaction fees for US purchases.

This card’s APR is high, so look elsewhere for balance transfers.

Cashback points from QuicksilverOne never expire, and you can use them to get checks, statement credits, gift cards, or money back on recent purchases.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a dedicated Old Navy or Gap shopper, you’ll earn loads of incentives while shopping for a beautiful wardrobe. The many limitations and limited expenditures may deter eligible applicants who find better choices elsewhere, such as cash-back, travel incentives, etc.



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