8 Features That Make a Good Insurance Agent

It is critical for those working in the insurance industry to understand some of the characteristics that distinguish a good insurance agent. If you’ve ever thought about becoming an insurance agent or wondered if this could be the right job for you, there are a few things you’ll need, at least to some degree, to do well in this job.

Selling insurance can be a good way to make money, since commissions are usually pretty high and you can set your own hours.

It’s not easy. Expect consumer rejection, stress, and attrition. Good insurance brokers share certain abilities, knowledge, and essential qualities.

Main Points

  • Insurance agents can have job independence, flexibility, and high compensation.
  • High-stress insurance sales occupations with limited salary guarantees and a high quit rate
  • New agents should know the talents and traits of top producers to succeed.

People Skills

1. Client-focused. A commission-driven representative won’t last long in the company. Listening to clients and prospects is the hardest aspect of an agent’s or broker’s work.

When learning how to be a successful insurance agent, it’s important to note that agents who put clients in a lower-commission plan because it better matches their needs are more likely to retain customers.

2. Friendly service. Customers who can reach their representatives easily are happier and more confident.

You must respond quickly to questions and phone calls and do what you say you will, or have an excellent reason why you can’t.

After buying a life insurance policy, buyers sometimes find no one to answer their questions.

3. EI. involves listening and empathizing with clients to determine their needs.

A good agent is courteous and can help a resistant client face financial reality.

Personality and Reliability

4. Energized. An excellent insurance representative always seems enthusiastic. A glum attitude will deter customers from buying.

5. Persistence. This is a must-have for any insurance agent. Those in this area must be able to face rejection daily with a smile.

Each “no” pushes good insurance agents closer to a “yes.”

6. Honesty. Insurance brokers who lie to their clients rarely stay with the same company and can end up in jail.

A competent agent realizes that being honest with clients will earn them respect and repeat business.

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Product Knowledge

7. Products galore. If you just have a hammer, everything appears like a nail.

A good insurance agent can provide clients with goods and services to meet any reasonable need.

8. Expertise. Good insurance agents do more than sell policies.

The agent must grasp the tax, legal, and financial elements of the products they sell.

Many agents earn the CFP®, ChFC, or other financial planning credentials.

Some agents focus on financial planning, tax preparation, or another type of financial service. When needed, they also sell insurance.

The Bottom Line

Above are a few things successful life insurance brokers need. Life insurance agents who are eager to learn business skills can make a lot of money and have fun.

For more information on how to become a successful insurance agent, contact a headhunter or recruiting office.



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